• Encore Stars


    I call them Encore Stars because they are useful “one more time.”

    The wire basket part of the champagne cork forms the basis for the stars. I use two of these wire cages and wire them together. I then add rhinestone trim. I use junk jewelry and metallic pieces that I can find. I do have to buy some rhinestones. But I am still taking the larger part of the stars out of the landfill. And I always use non-toxic glues and paints.

    Encore Stars are pretty and look beautiful on anyone’s tree. Like everything on this site, they are unique, one-of-a-kind. They make wonderful gifts. They can be collected and passed on. And each season they perform again. Encore Stars are made from the same basic “body”, the wire basket part of the champagne cork. Once I have the shape, I decorate the stars in different colored stones.

    Encore Stars come in Gold, Silver, Red, Green, Pink, Blue, and Purple.

    Sizes (in inches): 4-41/2 (diameter)