• Sugarplum Fairies


    The Sugarplum Fairies are made from recycled and found materials.

    The body is made from the wire basket part of the champagne cork. The head is a bead, the torso is filled in with a hot melt glue gun. I use various things for hair: floss, string, tiny ribbon scraps, steel wool, metallic tissue paper. The Wings are ribbon left from package wrappings. The tutus are made from scraps of ribbon and tulle.

    Sugarplum Fairies are lovingly made by hand and look good for years and years. Since they are made by hand, each one is different and unique. They are truly one-of-a-kind. They are can be given as gifts, collected, and used as a hand-me-down. What ever your reason for buying a Sugarplum Fairy, you have done a little bit to help rescue the landfill.

    Sugarplum Fairies are one-of-a-kind Christmas 0rnaments. Since they are made by hand, no two are exactly alike, even when I use the same ribbon. I use one basic body “type”, taken from the wire basket part of the champagne cork, and then “dress” them in different recycled materials.

    Sugarplum Fairies come in Gold, Silver, Red, Green, Blue, Pink, and Purple.

    Sizes (in inches):
    Regular: Body: 4-41/2 Wings: 5-6 Total: 61/2-7 tall
    Mini: Body: 21/4-31/4 Wings: 21/2-41/2 Total: 33/4-5 tall